Let the Journey Begin…

Well…it’s official…after many years of prayer, research and more prayer Sam & I are beginning the lengthy process of ADOPTION!!!!!  I have had a special place in my heart for adoption since my teen years, but it wasn’t until September 2007 that I considered international adoption.

While in Rwanda for 2 weeks on a mission trip, I held the hands of so many beautiful children…knowing full well that most of them wouldn’t survive another year.  My heart broke.  I cried and cried after visiting an orphanage…seeing the “life” those children were subjected to.  I knew I was called to help those children somehow, and began thinking & praying about adopting from Africa.  When I returned home, one of the first things I did was sponsor a Rwandan child through Compassion International.  I now clearly understand just how valuable those child sponsorship programs are…how vital they are to providing education and medical care to the children of developing countries.   We have been proudly sponsoring Uwamahoro Goreth (a now 10 year old girl) in Gisenyi for 2 1/2 years.  🙂

Another thing I did upon returning home from Rwanda was research African adoption.  At that time, Ethiopia was the only country open to US foreign placements.  I was ok with that, but wished Rwanda had a program.  Sam & I discussed it and decided to pray about it for a while.  Well…2 years later we began discussing it again.  With some divine intervention, I happened upon some startling information: Rwanda has opened it’s doors to American adoptions!!!  WOW!  That was October 2009.  I began researching again and found several agencies that work in Rwanda adoptions and narrowed our choices down to 2.  After another 5 months of prayer and discussion…on March 27, 2010…Sam and I applied to America World Adoption Association’s Rwanda program!

We’re in a place of waiting right now…waiting to be accepted into the program (which we anticipate happening sometime next week, but Easter may delay it to the beginning of the following week).  Once we are formally accepted into the program, we can begin the “paper chase” and home study.  This won’t be a quick process.  Rwanda has a volatile  government (which has complete control of ALL adoptions) so although the current estimates are 13-19 months from application to bringing our newest family member home, we are trying to remember it could take us longer.  Of course the sooner the better, but I’m trying to be realistic and only hope to be home & finalized by Christmas 2011.  We have decided not to specify a gender and are open to a single child or sibling pair up to the age of 8.  Please be praying for the child or children that will be joining our family…as they are already alive and likely in an orphanage somewhere in the “Land of a Thousand Hills”.

It is my sincere hope that you will join us in prayer that our most Awesome God will guide us each step of the way and that He will provide for all we need to bring His plan to fruition.  After all “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after widows and orphans in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” (James 1:27)

Thank you for reading our blog.  I am hoping to update it regularly and keep a timeline of our entire adoption process as we get to each step.


2 thoughts on “Let the Journey Begin…

  1. that is so awesome that you got to go on a mission trip there. i know what you mean about your heart breaking with those children, mine does everyday.

    what agency are you planning on going through? we are using awaa and i just got an email from them today saying that we can use our local homestudy agency. super excited to get some paperwork in and get our first visit scheduled. i feel so overwhelmed by all the paperwork and homework. we had no idea there would be so much reading and training to go along with it, but it’s all worth it.

    murakoze – megan

  2. If you continue to follow His direction and call on your lives, you will live a life filled with blessings! The first step in any process is usually the toughest – congrats on surmounting that obstacle!

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