WOOHOO!!!  After a very long 2 weeks of waiting, waiting, submitting additional paperwork, and more waiting…I received a phone call this afternoon from America World that we have been accepted into the Rwanda program!!!  THANK YOU GOD for we know that this is of you!

Now we can begin the “paper chase” or “paper pregnancy” portion of international adoption.  Once we receive the forms from the agency, we will begin completing & submitting them accordingly in anticipation of beginning our Home Study.  My heart is still racing.  This is really happening.  WOW!!!!

Thank you all for your continued prayers & support.  If you wish to help ease our financial burden with this adoption, please click on the links to the right.  We have 2 AWESOME fundraisers set up to help us offset some of our expenses.  Thanks again!!


2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Dear Christy and Sam,

    I am so happy for you both that God has begun to answer your prayers. Know I will continue to keep you both in mine as you begin this long process, but I know you will both make it through it all just fine. I am sure it will not be long before you become a family of 5!

    Love ya!

  2. wow i didn’t even know congrads!!! i’m not even sure what to say but God has come thru for many of us and it couldn’t of happened to a more deserving family!

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