Paper Pregnant

It occurred to me that I haven’t updated this blog in about a week, and although not much has progressed in our adoption process, we have had some things going on this week.  For starters, Sam is in Boston, MA on a deep-sea fishing trip with his dad, uncle & cousin, as well as his dad’s friend.   They left at 5:30 this morning and arrived sometime between 3-4pm.  Seems to me like they made pretty good time.  Hope the weather is good for them and that they have a great weekend away.  As for me, my excitement came with my final day at JC Penney yesterday.  It was only supposed to be a seasonal job at the holidays but when they offered me the opportunity to stay on, I did.  Unfortunately the way I was scheduled became increasingly difficult to accommodate with childcare and then corporate decided to remove us from a commission pay and it was no longer fiscally advantageous to work there, especially with the 1/2 hour commute each way.

In our adoption journey…we received all the paperwork that we need to sign & submit to officially begin our “paper pregnancy”.  I anticipate getting everything signed when Sam gets home on Sunday & mailing it out with that first big check on Monday.  I also registered us for the required online Hague training.  It’s an 8-hour course that we each need to take.  I’ve started mine & am hoping for some time to work on it while the girls are at school tomorrow.  I’m hoping we’ll have a “family coordinator” assigned to us by the end of next week who will guide us in the appropriate steps to take thereafter.

So far we have 2 fundraisers in full swing: Just Love Coffee is a FAIR TRADE coffee roasterie, providing a high quality coffees at reasonable prices.  For more information or to see the wide variety of coffees available, click the coffee link to the right.  Our second fundraiser has been partially going for a few days, but is officially up and running as of today.  There are SIX great t-shirt designs available through our Adoption Bug store.  I personally designed 2 of the selections and had 2 others customized with the native language of our future child(ren).  We hope you will find these products to be top quality and highly desirable.  These e-stores will be in operation throughout the duration of our adoption journey.  We are also working on some smaller event fundraisers such as an Avon party, a “Crop Till You Drop” scrapbooking event, a spa party and possibly a basket raffle.  I am also working on setting up an Adoption Fund so that family & friends can make tax-deductible donations if they so choose…but that may have to wait until our homestudy is complete based on the information I’ve found thus far…but I’m still researching.

In other, unrelated happenings today, Sheldon decided to chew on a dead mole as if it were there solely for the purpose of being his chew toy.  ICK!!!  That was gross.  I also found the mack-daddy snake that messed up our lawn by slithering across the top when it was so muddy.  He’s about 4 feet long and probably about 2 inches in diameter at the widest point.  He was all coiled up along the creek bank and when I tried to pick him up (with a stick) he quickly slithered into the water.  We see little snakes all the time, but that thing was enormous in comparison.  Wonder if/when we’ll see him again…Mya wants to catch it & keep it as a pet!  lol

Well, intermission’s over…back to watching the Sabres game…Let’s Go Buffalo!!!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Paper Pregnant

  1. Hey Christy- love the update. i also thought about having a scrapbook fundraiser, either crop to adopt or croppin for adoption. we are also having a garage sale at our school this weekend and i’m having a table there, either shop so we can adopt or rummage for rwanda. i’m also making bracelets to sell at my table that say mugisha or murakoze that are glow in the dark for the kids. i love the tshirt designs you came up with and i think the coffee fundraiser is a great idea. we have also thought about setting up an adoption fund and just haven’t gotten there yet. although as we think about the cost of travel the need to set up a fund is greater. keep up the good work and God will provide.

    • Thanks Megan. I love the cute names you came up with for your fundraisers! I may have to borrow some of them. 🙂 What a great idea to make bracelets with Kinyarwandan words on them to sell too…I wish I was crafty…but I am about as far from it as you can get! lol Wishing you many blessings on your journey to bring your little girl home! Still praying that we can get caught up a little in our journey and maybe we will be able to travel together…oh how wonderful that could be!

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