Signed, Sealed, Delivered

OK, well…maybe not delivered to the agency quite yet, but the contracts, disclaimers, policies and a big ol’ check are signed, sealed & delivered to the post office anyway.  I sent everything certified mail so the agency will have to sign for it & I’ll receive delivery confirmation.  With any luck they’ll receive it in the next couple days & contact us with our Family Coordinator.  As soon as we have her information, I will be contacting her about beginning our homestudy.  I am actually going to TRY to get the agency to allow us to use a local agency for our homestudy since the America World NY office is on Long Island.  We would be responsible for travel expenses for the social worker, and that is an insane additional expense when we have to meet with them 4 times!  For those of you reading this that are unaware, that office is approximately 420 miles away…and to pay airfare or mileage plus hotel & potentially meals for a social worker for FOUR visits, well…that’s just crazy when we have a fully licensed & accredited Christian not-for-profit agency just 20 minutes away!!!

In fundraiser land, we are thrilled with the t-shirt designs and hope you all are too!  The company emailed me recently with a new design they created and Sam & I like it so much that we will be replacing the black FAMILY shirt currently available with this new design in the next day or so.  If you were hoping to get that black FAMILY shirt, order today before the webmaster at Adoption Bug makes the change!!  Thanks.  We really hope you like the new design as well.  You may also have noticed the Avon link to the right.  A dear friend of mine has generously given her time to set up this fundraiser for us and is even donating her commission to our adoption fund, ensuring we receive 50%!!  Thanks Jenn!!  Please browse the website she set up & use promotional code RWANDA5 when you check out to ensure proper credit to our fundraiser.  If you prefer to look at a catalog and pay by cash or check, email me & I’ll get everything to you right away.  Thanks so much!

In other news, our bathroom remodel is almost done!  YAY!!  The ugly plastic tiles are gone forever (from THAT bathroom anyway).  New plumbing & electrical are done.  New drywall is up, taped & mudded.  Tub is in & tile around it is almost done.  Floor tile is partially laid.  Tomorrow the contractor thinks he’ll be done, but since he isn’t here today I am highly skeptical of that time frame.  There is still so much to do.  I guess I’ll have to wait & see…hopefully it will be done this week…3 weeks is too long to have 5 people utilizing 1 shower!


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