Agency Drama

I find myself unbelievably frustrated with our agency right now.  I previously blogged about our hopes of using a local agency for our homestudy services, even though our adoption agency is licensed to provide these services in NYS.  Although their NY office is on Long Island, they have a social worker in Rochester so our request was declined and we are to still use AWAA.

Since then, the America World NY office has sent me multiple emails with THREE DIFFERENT PRICES for our homestudy travel expenses (with a variance between lowest cost to highest a difference of roughly $1700)!!!  I am appalled that not only are they incapable of establishing a concrete travel expense breakdown, but that they find this inconsistency acceptable.  IT’S NOT!

Because of this experience I have written to the America World main office in VA explaining that I feel extremely uncomfortable using their NY affiliate since they can not give me concrete numbers and today they even changed the wording of the invoice regarding what was covered by the charges.  I informed them that if they aren’t willing to allow us to use an agency we feel completely comfortable with, then they will be refunding our initial agency installment…in full.  I pray it doesn’t come to that, because if it does we’re back to square one and we have to apply to a different agency and go from there.  Please pray for God to make clear the path we are supposed to follow, so that everything we do is to His glory.  Thanks!  Hopefully I’ll have an update Monday or Tuesday.


One thought on “Agency Drama

  1. What Bert and I have come to find out with a lot of these agencies it is all about the $$$. It is frustrating but we are going to continue to pray for you guys.

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