Prayers for Friends

This past week I have not been able to focus on adoption stuff because I have been lost in prayer for some very dear friends.

The first – a friend, a husband,  a father, a coach, a man of integrity…undergoing a radical surgery tomorrow to remove his bladder & fashion a new bladder out of part of his intestines.  He has a rare and aggressive form of bladder cancer that will only keep recurring if this surgery isn’t performed.  It is an 8-10 hour procedure and will have an extensive recovery period.  He & his wife are young, otherwise healthy, athletic people with 3 children ages 8, 6 & 3.

The other – a friend, a wife, a mother, a teammate, an amazing beacon of God’s light…recently found out that the wildly aggressive cancer she battled a decade ago in her breasts has returned in her bones.  She just learned this news and as of this blog post does not yet have a planned course of treatment.  She & her husband are another young, athletic couple who have 2 children ages 8 & 6.  Both families are struggling with the reality of these diagnoses and I’m certain they welcome your prayers.

I have had a personal struggle with these 2 particular cases for a few reasons: 1 is that both of these cancer patients are in FAR better shape than I am.  They eat right, they exercise…things I am not very diligent about.  We are constantly told all the things we need to do to stay healthy & avoid these issues and it didn’t help them.  😦  2 – we all have 3rd graders.  Ivy has grown up with the oldest child in each of these families!!  The thought of how this disease would rattle our family hits me quite hard as I sit & pray for those children.  3 – I have watched cancer rage through the bodies of family members…cutting lives all too short.  The idea of that kind of devastation hitting either of these loving, compassionate, Godly families just tears me apart.  So I ask you, please, to keep these friends of mine in your thoughts & prayers as they battle this treacherous disease.  Pray for healing of their bodies and comfort & peace for their families.  Thank you.


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