New Beginnings

Lots to say today…but where to start?  Hmmm…guess I’ll update on my friend Rick…his surgery appears to have been successful!!  He was in surgery for 9 1/2 hours and the doctors were pleased with the procedure.  He was up & walking around the next day…YAY!!  He’s still got another week in the hospital and several months before he’s at his “new normal.”   All in all PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE!!!  I know he’s eager to come home and I ask that you please continue to pray for healing to his body.  I have not yet received an update on my other friend’s status, so please keep her in your prayers as well.  Thanks!

OK…adoption news…we’re back in action!  Well…sorta.  We meet with our social worker for the first time next Tuesday for our “intake appointment” and THEN we will be in full-blown adoption mode once again.  We’re taking a HUGE leap of faith by starting up so quickly before we have all the funds in place that the new agency requires, but we really feel like this entire process is strictly an act of trust in God’s provision, so here we go again!  We’re going about things a little backwards though.  In an attempt to buy us a little time financially, we’re starting our home study with Hillside Children’s Center before we even apply to All God’s Children.  Hillside is a cooperating agency with AGCI and is the agency that will be doing our home study either way.  I have spoken with the social worker we’ll be dealing with several times & I have a tremendous comfort & peace with her.  SO different than our experience with America World NY!  Anyway, she said it’s perfectly acceptable to begin our home study before going under contract with the placement agency as long as we begin working with AGCI before the home study is finalized (so the 2 agencies can collaborate & review everything together to ensure all the needed info is included).  That basically buys us 3-4 months before needing that larger sum of money sitting in the bank.  I am excited and anxious to begin this process.

Another huge advantage to getting the ball rolling on our home study is this: as soon as we have our approved home study in hand, we can apply for grants and move forward with additional fundraising efforts.  I do want to extend a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our fundraisers thus far!!  We received our 1st proceeds check from Just Love Coffee this week and every little bit helps!  The t-shirts are AWESOME!  I have a few and get loads of compliments whenever I wear them.  For those of you who have inquired about straight donations as opposed to purchasing a fundraiser item, I’m still working on it.  Thank you for your generosity and I will keep you posted.  I just want to be sure everything is legit so you can use your donation as a tax deduction if you so choose.  🙂

In other news…our 7 month old puppy, Sheldon, is now 60 pounds!  He’s growing fast and is absolutely the most lovable dog ever!!!  There are 2 main puppy-behaviors we’re still working to break him of (neither of which are we very successful at)…staying in our yard and not chewing shoes!  He seems to leave everything else alone now as far as chewing goes, but shoes are his love.  He shredded my Eddie Bauer flip flops yesterday.  😦  If you have ANY suggestions on how to break that habit, please, by all means, share!  Thanks!

With all the ups & downs we’ve already been through and all we have yet to experience in this adoption journey, there is one verse I’m holding tighter to than others: “Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.”  (Hebrews 11:1)  I am clinging tight to faith in God’s plan for our family through adoption.


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