Back in the Saddle

I had my first Arbonne Spa Party as a consultant last night.  Technically I’ve had a few parties before this, but my sponsor and friend, Sarah, has been there by my side for those first ones…and she did most of the work!  Last night was my first time flying solo.  I think it went fairly well all things considered.  There are certainly a lot of kinks to be worked out of my presentation and once I can print all the awesome before/after pictures that Sarah uses I KNOW people will better understand what I’m talking about!  A picture really does tell a 1000 words!  All in all I am REALLY excited about this business!  I have watched so many people I know personally be so successful in it, so I’m eager to really dig my heels in & earn money toward all of our upcoming expenses (adoption, my sister’s wedding, baby shower for our soon-to-be Godson, etc).

I did receive an exciting email yesterday regarding our adoption funding too…we have been accepted into a grant program with Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries that allows our family & friends to donate toward our adoption as a tax deduction!  Several of you have inquired about making direct contributions to us so that we receive 100% of your donation as opposed to a portion of the proceeds through our fundraisers…this is your chance!  As soon as I type up our support letter to mail out, I will post it here as well.

I can not thank you all enough for your continued support through this process…be it through following our blog, supporting our fundraisers, words of encouragement, or most importantly prayers for our family…it is so dearly cherished by us and we are extremely grateful.


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