Winds of Change

What a crazy summer it’s been!  The last 2 months have been a whirlwind of activity as we’ve tried to capture every second of beautifully warm, sunny weather we’ve been allotted, knowing cold weather is not far away.   The girls both took swimming lessons and enjoyed Eden’s summer recreation day activities.  Both girls also participated in the llama show at the county fair with Mya winning blue ribbons in both of her classes and Ivy winning blues in all 4 of her classes, earning her the title of Junior Performance Grand Champion!

Sam received a promotion at work to Senior Systems Software Specialist.  He’s only been in the position for a week or 2 now, but he seems to like the responsibilities.  He’s looking forward to getting some supervisory experience under his belt too.  Never a bad thing.  🙂

The biggest adjustment in my summer schedule was my booming Arbonne business!  I can not describe how much of a blessing I know this business is in our lives.  It’s always tough to launch a new business…regardless of the product or service being offered…but I’m 3 months in and have already promoted to District Manager!  I am eager to achieve the next level, Area Manager, and am working toward attaining that this calendar year.  What’s even more amazing than the products and the business opportunity are the people I get to meet and those whom I get to help change their lives with this business!!  SO EXCITING!!

Unfortunately all the summer madness has caused us to put adoption paperwork on the back burner, and when sitting down to gather the remaining information needed to complete our home study, I encountered a major roadblock…Rwanda is suspending acceptance of international adoption dossiers until the country is in full compliance with the Hague Convention.  Now, if you’re unfamiliar with international adoption, the Hague Convention set a standard for international adoption practices aimed at protecting children from human trafficking and exploitation.  It’s FABULOUS that Rwanda is becoming a Hague country as it will prove to benefit every child placed for adoption.  Children and their forever families will have the assurance that every aspect of their adoption process is regimented and regulated.  That’s awesome!!  Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long it will take the Rwandan government to bring their processes up to par.

It’s been said that God never shuts a door without opening a window.  Sam & I are embracing that philosophy right now and although we still feel a strong pull to Rwanda, we are re-examining  our options.  We had wanted to pursue a (specific) waiting child in Uganda through Holt International several months ago, but upon inquiring we were informed that the US Consulate in Uganda was not issuing immigrant visas so Holt was not accepting applications for that program at that time.  Well…I called Holt today and not only is the Uganda back up & running, but the child we were interested in all those months ago is still available!!!  We have no idea if we would qualify to adopt this child, but we are gathering information and seeing where God leads us.  We know He already has the child(ren) planned for our family and are fully relying on His provision to bring that child (or children) home.  Please keep our family and our future child(ren) in your prayers that our paths will connect.

Hard to believe summer’s almost over…oh how I wish I lived in a more tropical climate.  The thought of chilly autumn evenings and blustery winter days is anything but appealing.   School starts in just 2 weeks!  Ivy’s off to 4th grade already and Mya starts kindergarten!  Both of my girls will be in school full time.  I hope they handle it better than I will.  The upside to school starting is that I will be taking on a volunteer position during the day partnering with pregnant refugee women in Buffalo through Jehrico Road Ministries.  I have received my referral and I am eager to meet her this coming week.  Her name is Yada Na and she’s a refugee from Burma.  She & her husband are expecting their 1st child and she is suffering through a pregnancy very similar to what I had with Ivy.  I am so thankful for the ability to do ministry during the day and only work a few nights/week.  God is so good.

Sorry that my post tonight is rather scatterbrained.  I really need to blog when I’m wide awake and at a higher function level.  lol  Thanks for reading my ramblings, and don’t forget that you can help support our mission to adopt from Africa by praying for us and purchasing items from our fundraisers (links at right).  I will be finalizing our matching grant information next week and then I will post the info to donate to that as well.  Thank you all for your loving support…it is so greatly appreciated!


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