Still at a Stand Still

It seems wild to me that it’s been nearly 3 months since I last posted here.  I guess it’s difficult to sit down & type on our adoption blog about a complete lack of progress in our adoption process.  😦  When last I wrote, Rwanda had just announced that they would no longer be accepting international adoption dossiers as they seek to become a Hague-compliant nation.  Sam & I have spent the last 3 months researching our other options, talking about them, praying…all the while hoping Rwanda would re-open and we could continue our journey as originally hoped.  As of this post, that is not the case.  We have researched agencies & country programs…trying to follow the path God has planned for our family.

Unfortunately, without a clear course of action, we can’t even move forward toward completion of our home study as the home study has to be tailored to the country we are pursuing in order to meet the respective country’s criteria.  I am hopeful that Sam & I will establish our Plan B (since Plan A was Rwanda) so that we can move forward in hopes of bringing our newest family member(s) home.  I have a stack of information from an agency I recently discovered that looks very promising for a program in Ghana.   Please pray with us that when the agency/program is right for our family that we will faithfully continue that way.

As I close this post I glanced at the clock…it is now just after 12:30 am on November 11th…so I wish to say THANK YOU VETERANS!!!!!!  THANK YOU SERVICEMEN & WOMEN!!!!!! THANK YOU military families!!!  I can not THANK YOU all enough for the sacrifices you are/have/are going to make in order to protect the rest of us.  It’s because of YOU that we have the freedoms we do in this country and it’s because of YOU that I can sleep in peace each night.  May God bless each & every one of you…and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!  Happy Veteran’s Day!!!


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