End of an Era…or at least of a decade…

Where has the time gone?  2010 is over.  Another year…and another decade…have passed.  As I sit here reflecting upon the time that’s gone by I am in awe.  A decade ago I was violently ill, losing pounds by the day, living under my in-laws’ roof, newly pregnant with our first child.   Now I’m a healthy stay-at-home-mom of 2 girls.  I’ve been married to Sam for 11 1/2 years, we own our own home, have an adorable puppy and I have my own business!  Boy how times have changed!!

Thinking back to a decade ago…just about 2 weeks into 2001 I was diagnosed with severe hyperemesis & put on immediate home IV therapy to rehydrate me & help combat the nausea.  Those IVs were in my arms for the next 5-6 months…leading to her name, Ivy.  That year was difficult & amazing all at the same time.  Sam & I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary just weeks before Ivy’s arrival in July 2001.  Unfortunately that July was also when we had to say good bye to my paternal grandmother.  There’s nothing quite comparable to being in labor at your grandmother’s internment…Ivy was born the next afternoon (after 49 hours of labor!).

That year also included us buying our first house…and tragically, September 11th.  Ivy was 6 weeks old the day those planes were hijacked.  I was sitting on the couch nursing her when the news coverage cut to am image of the 1st WTC tower.  As I watched in shock I really believed it HAD to be a terrible accident…a malfunction in the plane somehow…then the 2nd plane hit.  Then the plane went down in PA.  Then the Pentagon was struck.  I remember it as if it was yesterday.  I don’t think I ever set Ivy down that day…I held my precious newborn at tight to me as I possible could.

As the decade moved forward, we were surprised to learn we were going to welcome a second child to our family.  Mya Jane graced us with her presence in March 2005.  Thankfully the hyperemesis & labor I endured with her was nothing compared to her sister!  Thank goodness I was awake for her delivery though, or I may not have believed she was ours!  Mya was born with dark, olive skin, black hair, black eyes & seemingly Arabian features (think Jasmine from Aladdin)…a far cry from the blue eyed blonde I had given birth to 3 1/2 years earlier!

In 2008 we sold our first home and bought our current home…the house my maternal grandparents built in 1946.  My grandmother continues to live here with us…which has been an adventure.  It truly is a blessing for our children to have the relationship they have with their great-grandmother because of our living situation…not many kids have that!

As for the year that’s just ended…where do I begin?  If you follow this blog (or have ever read it before) you know that in February of 2010 Sam & I began the process of growing our family through adoption.  This has not been a smooth road, but we didn’t expect it to be.  You can read previous posts to catch up on our journey…so I won’t delve into that now.  The other major event for our family in 2010 was my sister’s wedding!  It was a crazy couple months of pre-wedding events that culminated in a stunningly beautiful November wedding.  It was definitely her dream wedding and like I said in my toast…I couldn’t have picked a better husband for her!  Welcome to the family Doug…we love you!

That’s a brief synopsis of the last decade in the Schrecengost home.  The 1st decade of this millennium has held great blessings and tragic sorrows.  We’ve rejoiced in births, weddings, baptisms and we’ve wept (and continue to weep) for the losses so close to our hearts.

My hope for 2011 is that our family will come closer to bringing our adoptive children home and that our family, both in our household and extended, as well as all our friends find peace, joy & prosperity in this new year.  I honestly believe that each year is a new chapter in the book of your life.  I’m happy to end the chapter entitled 2010 in order to begin writing the pages of 2011.  God’s love & blessings to you all…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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