Experiencing Joy

Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. ~Psalm 51:12

That verse has been a prayer of mine as of late.  I have seriously lacked joy and a willing spirit to do most anything.  Life has drained me this winter more than any other.  Beyond the ridiculously extreme weather conditions (with lows in the -20 range at times), we have seemingly had at least one sick child at all times since September.  Ivy has suffered 4 different ailments in February alone…and the month isn’t even over yet!  My grandmother (who lives with us) has had cataract surgery on both of her eyes this year as well as a flare up of her cancer.  We’ve had to say good bye to family members and friends and I just learned yesterday that my uncle has a brain tumor.   These things, among others, have made it increasingly difficult to stay joyful.

Thankfully, we have an AWESOME God who is always faithful and who hears our cries.  He answered my prayers so abundantly this week, in ways only the maker of the universe could orchestrate…and I am so blessed because of it!

I wrote in my previous post that we had formally been accepted into Hopscotch Adoptions’ Ghana program.  We are certainly blessed & excited by that.  What I didn’t mention was that I spent all day Monday at Women & Children’s Hospital, coaching a young Burmese refugee through her first labor experience.  WOW!!!  What a glorious testimony to the majesty of creation…watching a beautiful, healthy, 8lb 4oz baby boy enter this world!!  This was my first delivery room experience outside of our daughters’ births and it was just awe-inspiring.

Though incomparable to the joy I felt when holding the sweet boy you see pictured above when he was just minutes old…our other burst of blessings this week came in in the form of financial promise.  Our federal tax return is being direct deposited to our bank account this coming week AND our home refinance looks like it’s moving along so smoothly that we’ll likely close weeks ahead of schedule!!!  This is HUGE for us in terms of the adoption.  It will not provide all the resources we need, which is why we have fundraisers set up (click on the links to the right to help support us if you feel led), but it will help with a large portion of the initial fees we need to cover.  We will be organizing several other fundraising events, including an all-day “Crop to Adopt” event, as time evolves.

So here I am…filled with a renewed spirit of JOY thanks to the only one who could do so.   Thank you Jesus.

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