Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

TTC (trying to conceive) is a term often used by couples battling infertility.  Sometimes their struggles last months, sometimes years.  I read in an adoption message board recently that while many adoptive families refer to themselves as “expecting” or “paper pregnant” while in the paperwork process or while awaiting a referral/match with their future child, the reality is that you are not actually expecting until there is an actual child in the picture.  Therefore, until Sam & I are formally “matched” with our future children, we are more like the infertile couples.  We’re doing everything we know will increase the likelihood of finalizing an adoption, but are currently just TTA (trying to adopt).

We are formally under contract with Hopscotch Adoptions now & are working to complete our dossier for submission to Ghana.  Our social worker will be here Friday to make sure our home is an acceptable environment for children to be added into.  She even assured me that we will have everything we need from her by the end of March!  WOOHOO!  Sam’s applying for his passport today (finally!), and I’m working diligently to compile all the necessary paperwork that we’ll need notorized, certified & apostilled for our Dossier (a dossier is the collection of documents we need to submit to the Ghanian government in order for them to approve our adoption of children from their country).  I am excited to see things FINALLY progressing in the right direction for us.  This journey is off to a fresh start…we’re so thankful for new beginnings.

On another note…for the rest of my day, I shall be beaming in the glow of my beautiful little Mya monkey.  She is celebrating 6 years of life today.  I can’t believe my baby girl is SIX!!!  They grow up so fast.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYA JANE!!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!


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