SPRINGing Forward

I feel like my first order of business should be to apologize for taking an entire month to update this blog again.  I have been asked numerous times how “things” are going, but that has been such a complicated answer depending upon the day I was asked…as we have lost family members & friends this last month as well as battled influenza for the last 2 weeks.  Now that everyone here is on the mend, I am in a position to finally sit down at my new computer to catch you up on the adoption.

Actually, there hasn’t been much to report until this week.  The home study that I was assured we’d receive by the end of March is in its final stages & will HOPEFULLY be finalized VERY soon.  Our social worker, Jacquie, has sent the draft to Hopscotch for their approval.  As soon as Jacquie gets it back, we can meet with her to sign the final, approved home study documents.  This has been such a treacherous process for us.  For most families the home study is complete within a few months…for us it has taken nearly a year because of placement agency changes & the differing requirements of the different country programs.

Sam’s passport arrived in the mail today, so now as soon as we have our approved home study in hand, we can submit our USCIS paperwork.  They’ll require us to go for fingerprinting and then issue the FINAL document we need to submit our dossier to Ghana!  Everything else is sitting here…in a folder…waiting for those last 2 pieces of the puzzle.  We’re fervently praying that these things will be processed expeditiously so that we can get our paperwork submitted quickly.

There are 2 children, siblings, on a waiting child list with our agency that we have been matched with!!   Our son & daughter are 5 & 4 years old, respectively.  They are beautiful.  We have received a few photos of them as well as basic medical info.  They are ours & my heart longs to be united with them.  Amazingly, through one of the Ghana adoption yahoo groups I belong to, I have met a woman who has met these very children!  She has even blessed me with some photos she took of them while she was in Ghana last November to bring her children home.   Thank you Kristie!!!

Spring has sprung!  Although it was gloomy & snowing yesterday, it is beautiful, bright sunny skies today!  It’s 50 degrees out and with our paperwork so close to completion, I am filled with JOY!  Thank you God!!

In love he predestined us for adoption through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will. ~Ephesians 1:5


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