Dossier Complete!!!

Our paperwork has been sitting here for about a week now.  I am anal about things being in order so we don’t have to redo them & cause unnecessary delays.  After reading through everything again this morning, and comparing against the list from our agency, our dossier is complete (*minus USCIS approval) and I am mailing it out tomorrow!  I would mail it today but we have 1 final form that we need notarized, so I’m hoping we can take care of that this evening and send everything to Hopscotch tomorrow morning!

Of course we are still eagerly awaiting the USCIS to process our application and send us a biometrics (fancy word for fingerprinting) appointment.  Praying that will happen in the coming weeks.

Having to include a large check with the dossier, I now have a better concept of where we stand financially for the remainder of this process.  It’s not as good as I had hoped it would be at this point, to be honest.  Our projected travel expenses are now expected to be significantly higher than originally anticipated due to huge airfare increases.  Of course we are trusting God with every aspect of this adoption.  He has our children picked for us, and He will provide in the way that only He can.  I would like to ask you to please lift our family in your prayers for peace with the lengthy process still before us and for financial provision as we prepare for the day we get to travel to Ghana to meet our children…and travel back again to bring them home forever.  Thanks for reading.  Have a blessed day!

UPDATE  – 5/11/11 – Dossier has been shipped via next day delivery to our agency and will arrive to them by 3pm tomorrow.  🙂


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