With our dossier complete and our referral accepted, we’re just waiting on USCIS approval so we can request a court date in Ghana!  We FINALLY got our biometrics appointment in the mail this week…we get to head downtown on June 3rd at 9am.  It’s one time I’m glad we live where we do…Buffalo has (essentially) no traffic to contend with, even during rush hour.  Sam’s taking the day off of work for it, so with any luck our appointment will go quickly and we’ll actually get a day date while the girls are in school!

Our contact at Hopscotch told me that we will likely have our approval from Homeland Security within a couple weeks of our appointment and that once we have it, it’s anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for a court date.  Which means we could be traveling as early as the beginning of July!!  I’m not holding my breath.  I’m only hoping our travel isn’t during the 2 weeks in August when my in-laws are on vacation in Alaska, as they’re our childcare providers.  Of course we’ll figure something out if timing happens that way…I’m just so eager to fly over & meet our children face to face!  To hold them.  To talk to them.  To let them know they are loved & wanted so desperately.

To keep my mind off the wait, I have begun nesting…which feels weird since I was never one of those moms when I was pregnant!  Maybe it was all the hyperemesis, I don’t know…but when I was pregnant the LAST thing I thought about was decorating!  Well, I guess paper pregnancy just affects me differently.  I have completely transformed the playroom into a bedroom for 3 little girls!

Up next…the dining room (quick weekend freshen-up…strip wallpaper, new paint & curtains).  Then I’ll be tackling our son’s room.  Yep, that still feels strange to say…our son.  I guess 10 years of only having girls gets into your head a bit!  But I couldn’t be more excited to add a boy (and another girl) to our little family.  He’ll be getting the room Ivy & Mya just moved out of, so I still have a lot of cleaning to do in there before I can take it from cotton candy pink with butterflies to something more appropriate for a 6 year old boy to come home to.  🙂

That’s about all for now.  I stand in awe that we could be traveling to meet our children in as little as 2 months time.  I am overwhelmed with excitement, anxiety, love…the list could go on for days.  I am trusting fully that God’s timing is perfect…because He certainly does not operate on my timeline!  This whole adoption journey has been evidence of that…but we continue to seek Him first and know that He is in control.

“For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord… Jeremiah 29:11



5 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Hello Christy,
    I ran across your blog today because I love reading adoption blogs. We are in the process of adopting from Ghana as well and have our biomentrics appointment on June 3rd also, but in Albuquerque. It would be fun to visit with you sometime about your experiences. I haven’t started a blog yet, but am thinking about doing one. I haven’t connected with anyone adopting from Ghana yet. We originally were going to adopt from Ethiopia and switched to Ghana in March. We don’t have a referral yet, but hope to get one soon after our I-171. We are just trusing in the Lord’s timing. It sounds like your adoption path has changed as well. Knowing who your children are must be amazing but must make the waiting harder. Blessings to you.
    – Tiffany

  2. Hi Tiffany! Glad you stumbled upon my blog. I LOVE to connect with other families adopting from Ghana (especially since there aren’t a ton of us). If you want to connect more, I recommend joining this group: You’ll need a yahoo ID, but it’s free & I’ve connected with a bunch of wonderful people there (who’ve helped answer a lot of my questions along the way).

    I’d love to chat anytime. Feel free to email me at spaparty4adoption (at) yahoo (dot) com. Have a blessed day…and a blessed journey to your Ghanaian angel.

  3. Hello Christy,

    My husband and I are praying about adopting and feeling called towards Ghana I would love to email you regarding your experience with your agency and your recommendations. Please email me if you get a chance. I’m not sure yet how Ghana adoptions work but would love to know more!

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