Random Late Night Musings

As I sit here watching the clock near the stroke of midnight, I can’t help but wonder why I’m the only one in my house still awake.  I’d love to blame it on something simple like a barking dog or crashing thunder…but all is quiet.  In fact, I think the problem might just be the silence…too much time for my thoughts to take over!

I lie in bed, thinking about our children.  All 4 of them.  I think about how I long to hold the 2 I have only seen in photographs.  I think about the 2 sleeping peacefully in their beds downstairs and how in just a few more months they will be big sisters…and about how wonderfully they will take on that role.  I wonder what kind of bed our Ghanaian children rest in as I type this…and dream of the day when I get to tuck them into the soft, warm beds here…saying prayers with them & kissing them goodnight like I do with Ivy & Mya.

I think about that time a lot…the time when our newest additions come home.  When they first arrive, we will create a bit of a cocoon.  If you live near us & see us regularly…expect us to be absent from family, community, even church activities for at least the first couple months after they get home.  If you do happen to catch us out & about, please do NOT pick up our new additions, offer them food or comfort them.  Children coming from an orphanage setting have many caregivers come & go from their lives and because of such they do not adequately form an attachment to anyone in particular.  They seek attention & care from any adult that will give it to them.  It is critical that in their first weeks/months home, Sam & I be the ONLY ones to provide these basic needs for them so they can learn to trust that Mommy & Daddy will be their providers & care givers permanently.  During this time, I would encourage you to pay such attention to Ivy & Mya as they may struggle with the amount of attention their new siblings demand (just as any child would with the addition of a new baby)….everyone will have an adjustment to make when our family grows from 4 to 6 in a plane ride!  I’m not exactly sure what this will look like in our family, as we anticipate bringing them home just as the holiday season is getting underway, but we will figure that out as the needs arise.

Well…I think I’ve rambled long enough.  6am will be here soon, so I must try to get some rest.  Good night all!


3 thoughts on “Random Late Night Musings

  1. Very smart, Christy. Everyone always wants to love on a new addition but it is soo, soo important that they form an attachment and a parental bond with their new parents. You’ll be anxious to show them off but stick to your cocoon plan. It will help form that strong family foundation. I’m Sooo excited to hear all about your new additions and see pictures if your expanded family!!! Good luck!

  2. Christy, we will be doing/asking the same once we get a bit closer, too. I am wondering…do you have practical suggestions about how loves ones can be the most helpful in helping your family both adjust AND celebrate once your +2 are home?

  3. I wish I had an answer for you, Bethany…but as this is our 1st adoption experience, I’m still trying to figure all that out for myself!
    I’ve become a bit of a blog-stalker and am trying to learn as much as I can from people like Anita (http://gillispiefam.blogspot.com/), Kristie (http://fromgodtoghana.blogspot.com/), Laurel (http://imghanaadopt.blogspot.com/), Michelle (http://thebechtoldfamily.blogspot.com/) and more that have been down this road already. They’ve all completed adoptions from Ghana and Kristie & Anita are heavily involved in orphan care ministries overseas.
    Sorry I’m not more helpful…but as I learn, I will surely blog about it! 🙂

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