Holding my Breath

There have been many times over the last few months when I’ve thought good news was SURE to come soon…but it hasn’t.

This time, I have somewhat been assured of receiving a bit of good news next week.  Yesterday I had a conversation with the USCIS agent assigned to our case.  She has looked over our application & told me that barring any problems with my grandmother’s background check, we are set for I-600A approval.  YAY!   My grandmother’s biometrics appointment is scheduled for next Monday and our agent said she *should* have the clearances about 48 hours later.  Again, as long as Grandma’s background is clean (which we know it is), we’re set to be approved next week!  HOORAY for baby steps bringing us closer to bringing our children home forever!   Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll be updating the adoption timeline to the right with the date we receive out I-171H.

Now if we could just get a court date…



2 thoughts on “Holding my Breath

  1. Hello, my name is Linda and we are also adopting from Ghana. Have you heard any rumors about the DSW in Ghana shutting down adoptions temporarily? Just curious. Our agency is Children’s House International and that is what they are telling us right now. Thank you in advance for an information you can provide.


    Linda Isom

  2. Hello Linda! The understanding I have of the situation in Ghana is that there is 1 woman in Social Welfare in Accra that is refusing to sign off on any of the cases sitting on her desk for them to go to court, She is also not issuing any new applications for adoption. This is only supposed to be affecting cases going to court in Greater Accra Region, so if you are adopting from an orphanage in a different region you *should* be able to go to court in that region without the extended delays. Of course, only your agency can help you with that.

    I would strongly recommend you get into the adoptingfromghana Yahoo group and the Ghana Adoption facebook group. There are people in those forums with FAR more information & experience than I and they are all wonderful about helping others. They are truly great communities. 🙂

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