A Decade of Parenthood

Here in the midst of our adoption journey to add 2 more little loves to our family, we have hit a rather significant milestone with the children already gracing our lives.  Today we celebrate 10 years of parenthood!

Ivy Rebekah came into this world none too easy on this date a decade ago.  After a pregnancy plagued with severe hyperemesis gravidarum (which resulted in 6 months of IV therapy – hence her name), she put me through 40+ hours of labor before entering the world.  Seems like nothing compared to this adoption adventure…but I digress.

Ivy was born at 1:48pm with the fullest head of golden blond hair the nurses had ever seen.  She had (and still has) the most beautiful baby blue eyes.  She was a petite 7 pounds and 19.5″ long.  She still has a very petite frame.  She’s my prima ballerina.

In 10 years she has grown to be an amazing little girl…going on young woman (YIKES!).  She has weathered a lot of trials in her short life and has grown stronger because of them.  She inspires me.

Since her arrival, we have always made birthdays a huge priority in our family.  The focus daily is on God & family…except on your birthday.  God is still first, but on your day, EVERYTHING is for you!  The birthday person gets to select all the meals, all the activities, even where everyone sits (within reason…kids can’t drive!  lol).  Today is no exception and she has had SO much fun!  For her “big” gift from Mommy & Daddy, Ivy wanted to go to Erie, PA for a day of shopping and to stay in a hotel with a pool.  So as I write this, I am comfortably lying in our hotel room after a long day of shopping & swimming in the hotel pool.  I think the girls’ favorite part about our hotel is that we opted for a King bed with sofa bed suite and they get to sleep on the sofa bed!  Ahhhh…the simplicity of  “different”.

Her decision to go away for a night in lieu of a party with her friends or a big expensive gift from us has been a blessing to our entire family.  With all the craziness of summer and the stress of the adoption delays, having this little getaway just 90 minutes from home has really allowed us to reconnect and truly cherish this time together as a family.

So for the tremendous blessing that you’ve been for us these first ten years…and the blessing I know you will continue to be in our lives forever…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVY!!!!!!  We Love You!!!


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