For those of you outside the international adoption world, the title of this post probably makes no sense whatsoever, so I will explain.  When seeking to adopt internationally, American families must seek the approval of the US Citizenship & Immigration Services to bring a child into the country.  The specific country you choose to adopt from determines the particular forms you need to file (for Ghana we filed the I-600A), but either way it involves fingerprinting & extensive background checks to insure the prospective parents are “eligible & suitable to adopt”.  This approval is mandatory before the child being adopted can be found “eligible to immigrate” to the US.

Now that I’ve explained all that, I’m THRILLED to announce that we received our approval (our I-171H) yesterday!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!

One more little hurdle successfully leaped.

What remains:  once we pass court (STILL awaiting a court date), we will file our I-600 in Ghana for our children to be found eligible to immigrate.  Once they are approved (takes a few months) we can hopefully get their visas and bring them home!

Praising God for little milestones…and continuing to pray for bigger ones ahead.


3 thoughts on “I-171H

  1. been thinking about you and wsn’t sure where you were with the whole thing. glad to hear some progress is being made and you are going to get your kiddos home. stay encouraged!

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