Happy Birthday from America

I know this blog is long overdue for updates…but unfortunately there isn’t anything new to report…except that TODAY is our Ghanaian son’s birthday!  It’s been unbelievably difficult to bear this day with him there and us here, having no idea when we’ll be together.  He’s 6 years old now.  He’s probably never celebrated his birthday, so he likely has no concept that today should have, or at least could have been special for him.  That saddens me.  I wish I could hold him today and sing him Happy Birthday.  I wish I could make him all his favorite foods and teach him about the tradition of birthday cake & candles.  I WISH…oh wait, it’s not my turn for a birthday wish.  I hope & pray our little prince & princess are home before the next birthday celebration on the calendar (our little Ghanaian girl turns 4 in January).

So for now, good night…and HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY LITTLE MAN!!!  I pray you know there is a God in heaven and a family in America that love you VERY much!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday from America

  1. Christy, I know how hard it is as these special days go by. Praying for strength a and progress on your journey. Can’t wait to see pictures of you holding you sweet children.

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