The Longer This Goes…

…the less money we have.

The decision to follow God’s call on our family to adopt from Ghana was not an easy decision.  Our biggest stumbling block, like it is for many families, was (and continues to be) finances.  International adoption is not a cheap venture.  We’ve already spent a LARGE amount on agency fees, document gathering, USCIS fees, etc.  We are also paying to support our children in Ghana each month and have been for quite some time.  The monthly fees we pay for each child are quickly depleting our adoption fund as we anticipated the timeline to be much shorter than it has turned out to be.

We are trying to get everything in order so that when our agency sends us that much-awaited email saying we can FINALLY book our airfare, we have all the funding in place to cover those travel expenses.  Currently we’re approximately $10,000 short of our projected outstanding adoption expenses.  I have applied to several grant organizations and am eagerly awaiting word on whether God will use any of them to help us fulfill His plan.

We are also hosting a variety of goods-based fundraisers, where our family & friends can contribute to our adoption fund while also receiving a product for their donation.  Adoption Bug has a variety of family & adoption based t-shirts you can purchase with a portion of the proceeds going directly to us.  Just Love offers FAIR TRADE coffees from all over the globe.  We receive $5 from every bag you purchase through our fundraiser page AND a portion of the proceeds from every bag also goes to an orphanage in Ethiopia!  Talk about a fabulous organization.

NEW and exciting in our attempt at growing our travel fund…I am now making custom hair accessories and selling them in my very own online store!  I am overwhelmed with praise & thanksgiving for the support I’ve received thus far and I pray people will continue to support this new business and our adoption.  Check out my new shop Ghana Go Curly now!  If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, send me a message…I HAPPILY take custom orders at no extra charge!  🙂

If you’re reading this and thinking “I would love to contribute, but I really don’t need or want to buy anything…” donations of any amount are GREATLY appreciated and can be made by clicking the paypal link in the right column.

Please, if you will, PRAY for our family.  Pray that we will be united with our Ghanaian children soon.  Pray that God will provide the funding needed to bring them home forever.  Pray for God’s leading in whether you can contribute toward our journey.  Thank you!!


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  ~Matthew 6:31


2 thoughts on “The Longer This Goes…

  1. wow! You guys have such an amazing blog documenting your adoption journey. I am so thankful I found it. We are married with two children and starting the adoption proces in El Salvador. I just started our blog to document our journey as well, Do you have any suggestions to make it successful? Thank you for sharing and we will be praying for your family.

  2. Thank you! Congratulations on beginning your adoption adventure!!!
    I really can’t think of any advice on blog success…this adoption journey was my reason for entering this whole bloggy world! lol That said, I look at my blog as a timeline. I want to be able to look back & remember the emotions at each point of the journey. There are events I haven’t written about…sometimes because I was too emotionally charged & knew I’d post something I’d later regret, sometimes because I just couldn’t find the right words. My favorite parts of reading other people’s adoption blogs are always (1) the adoption timeline…seeing how each family’s journey is different & yet similar and (2) candor. I find myself frequenting the blogs that exhibit the rawest, most honest truth. The people who aren’t afraid to share joys AND sorrows. Whatever it is you love about the blogs you read, remember that when you’re writing. Anything you want to remember to tell your little El Salvadorian child when he/she is 16, 21, 30…write about that.

    My prayers are with you as you move forward to bring your child(ren) home. God bless.

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