Feeling Like an Inchworm

It seems that any news of progress in our case is always very conditional and minor.  Tuesday we received an email with such news.

First of all…PRAISE GOD that adoptions are finally being processed again in Ghana.  Social Welfare is signing off on cases and people (not yet us) are going to court again!  This news is HUGE and such an answer to prayer!

Now for our little glimmer of light…Social Welfare has looked at our case (YAY!) but (yes…BUT) they are requiring our daughter to have a new medical report done before they will sign off on it.  This is not necessarily a bad thing…it’s just another delay.  I have been asking for this to be done since we first received her medicals in February.  There were inconsistencies & the handwriting was illegible in parts.  Of course, had my request for this been honored all those months ago, we wouldn’t have this delay now but it is what it is.

So for now we continue to inch along this path…thankful for ANY progress but continuing to pray for miracles.

*On a side note…my only sister is now just 3 weeks away from her due date with her 1st child…I’m overwhelmed with joy for her & my brother in law to welcome this precious baby boy into their lives.  Please keep them in your prayers for a safe & relatively easy delivery in the coming weeks.  Thanks!

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD… ~Psalm 127:3


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