Why Did I Doubt?!

I am not a worrier when it comes to financial matters.  I tithe & trust God to provide for my needs.  He has never failed me.

Yet, at various points in this adoption process I have found myself praying through tears for God to show me that He has not forsaken me.  I have felt abandoned and alone as this process has dragged on and our bank account has dwindled…even though I KNOW that’s not the case.  Most recently this occurred as I took a look at our financial position & estimated our travel expenses & outstanding agency fees.  In all honesty, it wasn’t a pretty picture.  We have worked SO hard to overcome the debt of our past…to the point of only having a mortgage and car payments…and we really don’t believe God favors us accumulating debt in the form of home-equity loans or credit cards in order to fulfill His call to adopt.

We’ve cut spending, held various fundraisers and opened an Etsy shop to help finance this mission, and although helpful, none of these yielded the funding we needed to complete our adoption.


Ok…God has been here all along.  Why I ever doubted that I don’t know.  But in my low point of despair & stress trying to figure out how WE were going to summon the thousands of dollars still needed to cover our travel expenses to Ghana, GOD PROVIDED!  Why oh why do I ever think these things are within my control?!?!  I’m so very thankful that He is in the driver’s seat!  God has provided in ways I could not have thought possible.  He has used the amazing orphan care ministry of Show Hope and the adoption advocates at Gift of Adoption Fund to bless us beyond measure with adoption assistance grants that total close to our entire estimated airfare (for 2 trips)!!   Thank you Show Hope & Gift of Adoption for finding favor in our family’s adoption journey!  May God continue to bless your ministries!

I am filled with PRAISE!!


And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.  ~Philippians 4:19


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