Help Us Bring Cora & Liam Home FOREVER

I’ve been asked by several people to post all of our fundraising efforts in one place so that they can easily share it with their friends.  I can not express how deeply this process has impacted me in finding out who my true friends are…the ones who will help you when you REALLY need it.  THANK YOU!!!!!

We’re nearing the end of this long journey to bring our children home from Ghana.  Sam & I will travel over for 2 weeks next month to spend time with our kids & file our I-600.  Then we’ll have to return home…without them.  😦  We don’t know if the time span will be 2 months or 6 months…but we know that it will approach us soon and we need to be able to cover all of our expenses.

Airfare is on the rise (like everything else) and so we’re raising funds to cover our travel expenses for that final trip to bring Cora Miriam & Liam Charles home.

Our newest fundraiser is only for a limited time (ends Oct 28th)…it’s seasonally appropriate and is all fall-planting flower bulbs!!  These will ship directly to you (continental US only) & we receive 50% of all purchases!!!!  Check out Flower Power by clicking the image below…

Our next fundraiser is some awesome family & adoption themed t-shirts from Adoption Bug.  There are 6 designs to choose from and we receive a significant portion of the purchase price (amount varies) direct to our adoption fund!  Check them out!

Next up is our super-charged COFFEE fundraiser!!  Ok…I’ve heard this stuff is delicious, but in the efforts of full-disclosure, I’ll admit I don’t drink coffee.  If Dr Pepper had a fundraiser program…that’s where I’d be!  lol  Anyway, Just Love Coffee is an amazing organization.  In addition to the fact that all the coffees available are fair trade or direct trade, insuring farmers were all paid a fair, livable salary for their crops, and the fact that they donate a portion of each sale to an orphanage in Ethiopia, we receive $5 per bag!

Our final fundraiser efforts are being made directly from our home.  I make custom hair bows & hair accessories as well as baby pacifier clips.  There are a variety of items for sale on our site and I also take custom orders.  Check us out!

So there you have it.  All of our fundraisers in one post.  We so gratefully appreciate all the support of our family & friends!!!  Please pray for us that God will bring Cora & Liam home very soon.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.   ~Matthew 6:33


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