Blessed Beyond Measure

There are times in our lives that we, or at least I, wonder if anything could ever possibly go my way.  I have battled controlling thoughts in my life that what I’m doing, day in & day out, isn’t worth the effort.  Sometimes those thoughts are put in my head by unsupportive family members or acquaintances.  Sometimes they’re just there.


Well…I can say with absolute certainty that God has provided for our needs just as He promises.  This adoption journey isn’t over yet, but as of right now, thanks to some AMAZING friends and the blessings of some people I’ve never even met…it appears as though our fundraising has been a success and we will have all we need for our travel to Ghana!!!  THANK YOU ALL!!!

We are keeping our fundraisers operational until our second trip to Ghana.  ALL funds received from this point on will be used to buy food for the orphanage on that trip.


The month of September has been filled with so many amazing blessings.  We became a family of 6!!!  Dear friends of ours passed court in Ghana just days after we did…making them a family of 6 as well.  We began our homeschool adventure.  And my sister and her husband welcomed their beautiful new baby boy into the world!!   Welcome baby Mason!  WE LOVE YOU!!!


The blessings keep pouring in.   In October, we get to FINALLY meet our Ghanaian angels for the first time.  We will spend 2 weeks loving on them…hoping to establish enough of a trust that they will know in their hearts that we are coming back for them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Unfortunately, the timing of our trip to Ghana precludes us from sharing in the celebration of my cousin Jerry’s wedding.  I’m saddened to miss the grand Hollywood event…not because of locale, but because I love my cousin dearly and would cherish the opportunity to witness the beginning of his life with his beautiful bride.  If you’re reading this Jer…know that there will be love & prayers sent your way from Africa that day!  Blessings to you & Tasha!  xo


We have so much to celebrate & be thankful for…


Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in obedience to him.  You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.  ~Psalm 128:1-2


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