T minus 88 hours

OH.  MY.  GOODNESS.  In less than 88 hours, our flight will take off!  We will FINALLY be on our way to Ghana to meet our son & daughter!!!


I can’t help but wonder what the moment will be like when we first lay our eyes upon them.  Will I cry?  Will they?  Will they allow us to pick them up in a warm, loving embrace or will they be shy & scared?  Will someone capture the moment on camera for us?  Will they have ANY concept of who we are?  There are a thousand questions running through my mind like these.


I am excited, anxious, nervous, elated, intimidated, apprehensive, downright giddy in anticipation of that moment…and the nearly 2 weeks after when we will get to know our children…at least a little bit.  I can’t wait to hold them!  I can’t wait to tell them how much I love them…how much God loves them!


I don’t know what our time together will look like.  I know that we’ll be staying in a reputable hotel in the capital city that has a pool and internet access (how reliable, I don’t know).  I know the kids will be staying with us during our time in Ghana.  I know we’ll have to make a trip to the US Embassy with our kids to file our I-600 (immigration paperwork).  I know that on October 21st I’ll have to return our children to the care of the orphanage and leave them on the other side of the world for an indefinite amount of time before their visas to enter the USA are issued.  I know that pain will pierce through me that day in a way I’ve never experienced.  But for now I must focus on the beginning…the JOY of welcoming William Charles & Cora Miriam into our lives and the HOPE that they will welcome us into theirs.


I prayed for this child, and the LORD had given me what I asked of Him.  ~1 Samuel 1:27





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