Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 1

What a crazy day!  We arrived in Ghana today…WOOHOO!!!  However, our Ghanaian contact, P, wasn’t at the airport to meet us like he was supposed to be.  What a rough “welcome” to the nation that our two youngest children have always known as home.  😦

After much stress and aggravation, P finally arrived, met us & drove us to our hotel.  Because of traffic concerns, P had previously arranged to have one of the orphanage “moms” bring the children intoAccra, so after dropping us at the hotel, P went to meet up with them and bring them to us.

The phone rings…I cautiously answer it.  P tells me they have arrived and asks if they should come up to our room.

My heart races…

Sam opens the door…

There they are!

They look exactly like their photos…only better!  A little nervousness was visible on their faces, but I got down to their level.  I spoke softly to them, introducing myself…not certain if they understood a word I was saying.  We know they have been told we are adopting them…we aren’t sure if they have any clue what that means.

Our son meekly gives me a hug.  He goes over to Sam.  Our daughter is still apprehensive, but open.  Within minutes they are laughing & giggling with us.  It was truly the greatest sound I’ve ever heard!

Liam’s English is much better than I expected.  He communicates well.  Cora seems to understand most of what we, but she speaks primarily in Twi.  She wants to speak English and repeats every word she hears.  It’s comical, really.  Every person that has ever met our daughter has told us she’s a VERY shy, quiet, solemn little girl who rarely speaks.  Even P told us today “she’s the boring one.”  I’m sure he meant it as in she doesn’t do much, but regardless…boy was he wrong!

This little girl was BORN mine!!  Holy cow…from the first moments after we met until she fell asleep…she never stopped talking!!!  She was singing & dancing, talking, playing, snuggling…melting my heart over and over.  Sam & I just kept looking at each other as if to say “I thought she was supposed to be the quiet one?!”  Praising God for letting her light shine so quickly in our presence!!

Liam is full of energy and fun too!  He is an overall happy kid by the accounts of all who’ve met him…and we saw that shine brightly today!  He wants to play with cars and eat fufu (I’ll write about that another day).  He lights up a room with his smile.  I’m sure we’re gonna have quite the little lady’s man on our hands as he grows!  Praising God for bringing such a joyful boy into our family.

We even had the opportunity to skype with Ivy & Mya from our hotel…allowing the children to all see & talk with each other.  WHAT AN AMAZING BLESSING!!!!  Cora kept waving to her sisters inAmerica.  Liam, well, that boy will likely follow Daddy’s footsteps into the IT world as he couldn’t keep his sticky little fingers off the laptop!  Haha  He loved seeing his sisters though…and I look forward to making skype a part of our daily routine here inGhana.

Well…the kids have already been asleep for a couple hours, so I better follow suit if I want to wake with them in the morning.  Wishing you sweet dreams fromGhana…where I’m living out mine!


8 thoughts on “Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 1

  1. Christy, this is SO AWESOME! I’m so happy for you and I really CANNOT wait to meet them!! They are stunningly beautiful children…my heart just melts when I see them! What precious little faces…..You, Sam, Mya and Ivy will be the best family for them….of that I’m sure!! From,The “Tobes” family 🙂 🙂

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