On Our Way…

What a whirlwind these last 2 days have been.  We arrived at the Buffalo airport early yesterday afternoon (with more luggage than we could easily handle), checked what bags we could, made our way through security (VERY quickly) and headed to our gate where we sat…and waited…for what felt like an eternity.  Our flight was delayed.  Glad I thought ahead and made sure we had a 4+ hour layover in NYC’s JFK airport to make our connection.

We arrived at JFK and wow…what a dump!  I expected so much more out of a major hub airport.  We were forced to walk over 1/4 mile with our carry-on luggage down a makeshift corridor then up a steep flight of stairs without any assistance from airport staff!  I felt so bad for people who had difficulty walking and/or who couldn’t easily do stairs.  There was NO elevator or escalator.  In our terminal there were 2 restaurants to eat at & one of them was out of more than half the items on the menu!   The other was a pricey steakhouse, so we grabbed Wendy’s (the only other food option) and sat at our gate.

About 30 minutes before we were scheduled to start boarding, the airline staff announced that all travel documents needed to be checked & stamped prior to boarding.  Our flight held approximately 350 people, so this process was VERY slow…leading our flight to be delayed by an hour.  Our flight was disappointing, but I won’t go off on that rant right now.  Let’s just say, just because an airline claims to offer certain services/amenities, doesn’t mean they actually do.  😦

I slept most of the flight (thank goodness).  We arrived in Ghana on time, despite the late departure…only to make it through customs to find our in-country coordinator was NOT at the airport!!!  I didn’t have his phone number easily accessible and my cell has no service here for me to be able to call/text our agency.  Talk about aggravating!!!!

Add to that the frustration of every official-looking person at the airport offering to help…telling you there is “NO CHARGE” or “FREE SERVICE” only to then practically force you into “tipping” the amount they want…”$20…has to be $20″.  It was so discouraging not to have our rep there to help us out.


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