Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 2

We woke to a call from the hotel staff  asking if we were ready for breakfast…guess we overslept!  It was about 8am…and I didn’t fall asleep until close to 5am, so I was (and still am) exhausted.  We quickly hustled to get dressed and down stairs to order breakfast.  The kids wanted Milo (made by Nestle…sort of a Carnation Instant Breakfast type drink).  They also devoured fried eggs, “sausage” (think Oscar Mayer hotdog) and toast.  These kids will have no problem gaining weight with food at the ready once they come home!


Because of my lack in energy level, we laid pretty low today.  We went to the US Embassy and filed our I-600 petition.  This initiates what the US govt calls an Orphan Investigation.  Supposedly it takes a maximum of 60 days to complete, but our POA claims it is more like a minimum of 60 days.  Discouraging to hear that from him, but hopeful that it is not really the case.  He still seems to think Christmas is an attainable goal for taking them home.  Praying hard for that!!


After our Embassy appointment, we came back to our hotel, where our new friends Ken & Michelle had just arrived and were waiting on the patio for their POA to arrive with their children!  I have been following their story for quite some time and have had the pleasure of getting to know Michelle through various yahoo & facebook groups focused on adoption from Ghana, so it was quite a blessing to finally meet her (and her husband) in person!  After P left, we decided to head to Southern Fried Chicken for dinner and invited Michelle & Ken to join us.  Their children had not yet arrived and a quick call to their POA, K, revealed that it would still be HOURS before they made it, so we hailed a taxi & headed to dinner.  I had Ghanaian fast food…think KFC with different spices and tougher meat.  At least the fries were good…actually they were very good!  I do love french fries (or chips as they’re called here).


After a bit of drama for our friends, we all returned to our hotel and then Michelle & Ken went with K to get their children and bring them “home”.  What a beautiful thing to witness…a family that is at the end of the journey (well, this part of it anyway).  They will be flying home next week with their son & daughter…FOREVER!  There’s another family arriving here on Friday for that same purpose.  I look forward to meeting them too, but it’s definitely going to be hard to watch them all head to the airport with their kids, knowing we need to take ours back to the orphanage when we head home.


At least today we were blessed with a tiny tidbit of information about our kids’ lives in the home.  While most children are separated into girl and boy dormitory style sleeping quarters (as it was described to me…I haven’t witnessed it yet), our children have been kept together with a foster mom type caregiver within the orphanage and they stay the nights in her care…probably all snuggled closely as these kids are definite little cuddle bugs!


I wish I would have taken more pictures today, but with the way the day went, I only got a few.  Tomorrow will hopefully be a more relaxed day with time for our kids to play & swim with the Bechtold kids and maybe a trip to the grocery store so we can prepare some of our meals here in the hotel as opposed to eating out every night.  Until tomorrow…


3 thoughts on “Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 2

  1. This is my kind of blog post! I get to read an update on your family AND the Bechtolds! Wish I was there with all of you–we could have so much fun! =-)

    It’s great that your kiddos have had more one on one attention than you knew. Those cuddles are important for little hearts! Re: the I-600, really, we haven’t had a case go beyond 60 days in like 6 months. Think positive!!!

  2. Thanks Anita! Be sure to ask Michelle about their drama tonight…I don’t want to post it on here as it’s not my story to share. We all wish you were here too…we’d have a blast for sure! Maybe Kendi needs a little brother or sister? 😉

    Thanks for the encouragement. Michelle said there’s came in 31 days. God willing, if we have that turn-around, we could actually bring them home this calendar year! Oh how I long for that!!

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