Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 3

We were up with the sun this morning…well, close anyway.  I think we were all up and going around 7am.  We walked downstairs to the tune of COUNTRY MUSIC?!?!?!  That was definitely not expected in Ghana!  hahaha

We had breakfast then hung out in our room for a while, snuggling together and watching UP.  After which we meandered down the hallway to the Bechtolds’ room, started watching Lion King then all opted to hit the pool here at the hotel instead.  Now, for those of you reading this in the States, this pool is 5.5 feet deep and measures approximately 6 feet wide by 10 feet long.  It’s SMALL…but it’s clean and the water was perfect temp for cooling off on in the hot African sun.

After getting dried off & cleaned up we all piled into a taxi…yes, all 4 of us + all 4 of the Bechtolds + the cab driver piled into a rickety little Ford Festiva-type hatchback that wasn’t guaranteed to move and headed to the Accra Mall.  We quickly made our way to the food court area of this very American-style shopping mall and got lunch.  Like every other meal out, Liam & Cora have devoured their chicken & rice.  Sam & I were pleased to enjoy the best food we’ve eaten since arriving in Ghana.  As all of the children were tired & the girls were particularly fussy, we didn’t browse at the mall…we hit Shoprite for some groceries and left.  We will no doubt return one day next week to peruse the shops and let the kids play in the play center, but today was simply not the day to do that.

Almost as soon as we got back to the hotel, Liam fell asleep.  Cora, however, got a second wind and was laughing & giggling and being just downright silly. We thought Liam was just tired because we were away during nap time, but the poor little guy is sick!  😦  He spiked a fever (thank goodness I brought children’s motrin with us!) and only woke long enough to take the medicine and take a few bites of his peanut butter sandwich before falling asleep in his daddy’s arms.

While Liam slept, Cora helped me sort through the 4 suitcases full of orphanage donations, as our POA informed us yesterday that we can’t take it all to our kids’ home.  He said he works with 3 orphanages and we need to divide everything we brought into thirds.  I understand that he wants to “spread the wealth” so to speak, but we brought the items we brought based on the specific needs at our kids’ orphanage and I feel like I have no option but to follow his directions.  It’s a bit disheartening, but what’s a girl to do?  So I sorted all the shoes, medical supplies, hygiene items, clothes, & toys into 3 equivalent bags (huge trash bags…FULL) so there is 1 for each orphanage.  The school supplies, however, WILL all go to Liam & Cora’s school.  I’m not giving P a choice in that.  I have it all separated so it can be distributed accordingly.  Now I have to just remember to tell housekeeping that all those bags are NOT actually trash!

Both kiddos are sound asleep next to me.  Liam’s fever has come down since he took the motrin (YAY!) but I suspect we’ll lay low tomorrow to allow him to rest.  I’m hoping to go to the market Saturday, but we’ll have to take it day by day.  Hoping to find some awesome fabrics and gifts for the kids back home.

I think we may be more adventurous next week and do some touristy things like visiting Cape Coast and/or Kakum National Park.  Stay tuned for those escapades…


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