Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 4

Liam continued to run a fever last night, which meant I woke several times due to his body heat against me.  Thank goodness I brought children’s ibuprofen with me…it seems to be helping to keep his temp down.  The kids were both awake just before 6am, so I had them go potty & get dressed.  I popped CARS into the dvd player & fell back asleep…as did they.  Liam then woke me at 9am to tell me his sister had wet the bed!  LOVELY.  I brought pull-ups.  She sleeps in them every night (and wets them every night, so I’m really glad I brought them!) but she has never had an accident while awake or napping, so it was a total shock to wake to that this morning.  I feel especially bad for the housekeeping staff at the hotel!


With Liam feeling ill, we spent most of the day barricaded in our room while he slept.  We didn’t even leave the room until mid-afternoon…and that was only so housekeeping could put the clean sheets on the bed.  During that time, Cora wanted to go swimming…so we did.  Liam wasn’t up to it until we got down there and the Bechtold and Hoffmaster families were outside with all their kids.  The boys were speaking in Twi for a few moments and then Liam wanted to get his swim trunks on…and so he did.  He still really wasn’t feeling well, however, so he swam for about 15 minutes then started shivering & shaking (it was mid-upper 80s out with pool temp just barely cooler than the air).


We got the kids out & dressed and grabbed take out chicken & fried rice from the only restaurant within walking distance of the hotel, Home Touch Restaurant, and ate in our room.  The kids fell asleep watching WALL-E and will hopefully be out for the night.


Praying Liam is healthy soon so that we can continue with our weekend plans to travel to their orphanage/school.


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