Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 5

We woke to find Liam’s fever had broke, so we decided to try to make a trip to the market.  P came to drive us…we went first to Global Mamas, then briefly to the Art Center.  The Art Center is a major tourist market filled with VERY high pressure sales attempts.  Sam doesn’t handle that setting well, so I quickly bought a few yards of fabric and we left.

As soon as we got back to the hotel, one of the sweet ladies here, Esi, helped tie Cora on my back with the new fabric.  Little Miss LOVED it!!!  She is definitely happiest on Mommy’s back.  Of course…that just makes her big brother jealous!!

(please disregard all the big black trash bags…they’re filled with donations for the orphanages we’re visiting so we don’t have to take all our luggage)


We took the kids swimming until Liam started shivering (it was only about 80 out, which felt cool with the breeze when wet from the pool), then headed to Southern Fried Chicken for dinner.  New lesson learned: when taking a taxi to dinner, have them wait, even if it requires you to buy them dinner!  Waved down 3 cabs before 1 said he knew where our hotel was…then proceeded to drive us to the WRONG hotel!  We called P who gave our driver directions…and after stopping for gas, we safely arrived “home”.

While we were getting the littles ready for bed, Ivy & Mya called.  They were so happy to be able to talk with their brother & sister!  Apparently the weather back home is treacherous, 38 degrees with rain, sleet & hail.  I already appreciated the beautiful mid-80s & sunny weather here in Ghana, but that weather report reminded me just HOW awesome this weather is!  The humidity is high, so Sam’s been miserable, but I’m loving it!

Tomorrow’s the big day…we travel to the kids’ orphanage in Kasoa (Central Region) to see where they have been & will continue to be living until the fateful day when we can bring them home.  We will get to meet Cora & Liam’s caregivers, friends, and birth mom!  I am still a bit overwhelmed by that last one.  I mean, I wanted this…I asked for it…but I am nervous about how she will receive us.  I have so many questions to ask her…yet don’t want to make her uncomfortable or cross any lines of what is appropriate to discuss in these settings.  Please God, let this meeting go well.  All I *REALLY* want to come of it are 2 things…

1. to share with her how much we love these children and that we will give them all that they will ever need, and

2. to gain from her any information that she wants her children to know about her (and hopefully some photos too)

Please pray for our time in Kasoa tomorrow.  Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 5

  1. Oh wow I didn’t know u would meet their birth mom, that’s a hard one. Prayers being sent your way! Hug those babies for me!!!!!

  2. Praying!! Meeting Elijahs birthmom was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but God was totally present!! Praying for you and she looks so stinkin cute on your back, you will have to learn how to do that so you can teach is!!

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