Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 7

Today has been a lay-low at the hotel kind of day.  We woke up late and went downstairs for breakfast, after which we hung out on the patio while housekeeping cleaned our room.  It’s absolutely beautiful weather today…as has been every day in my opinion.  A little cooler today, probably only about 80 degrees with much lower humidity and a steady breeze.  After watching Finding Nemo and skyping with the girls at home, nap time was warmly welcomed.

When Cora & Liam woke from their naps, we headed out to the freshly cleaned swimming pool, where we swam & played for an hour or so.  Being a cooler day, the children were shivering after their swim, so they were eager to take a hot shower & get dressed…wearing sweaters!

A short Veggie Tales sing-a-long led us to dinner time…LEFTOVERS!  The food portions here make American restaurant portions seem small!  I’m actually glad, since having leftovers means not having to go anywhere…and today I really just don’t want to.

Beyond the emotions of yesterday still raging through my mind, we have now watched two families come to Ghana, get their children, and head to the airport to take their kids home.  It’s a blessing.  I am unbelievably happy for both of these families…truly I am…but that doesn’t make it any easier knowing our kids have to be returned to an institution on Friday when we make our trip to the airport.

I came here knowing we had to send them back.  I knew it.  I tried to prepare for it…but I don’t think you ever really can.  I mean, we still have the rest of this week with them, yet I tear up thinking about the inevitability of what Friday brings.  I miss my girls back home.  I am eager to hold them again.  I’m “dying” to have a good ol’ American cheeseburger!  We’re going stir crazy in this little hotel room.  But the idea of returning our children to an orphanage is painful beyond words.  Not knowing when we will return for them.  Not knowing if they understand that we WILL return for them.


Maybe I’ve had too much time in our hotel to think.  Maybe I’m still an emotional basket case after meeting their first family.  Maybe I’m just sick and tired of waiting (we did begin this process 22 months ago, after all).  Maybe.  Whatever it is…I pray that God fills my heart with the peace that passes all understanding…His peace…because this is all happening in His timing, not mine.

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  ~Psalm 27:14


**side note**

Yesterday, Cora kissed my cheek for the very first time.  She now does it constantly…with a little “hehehe” giggle with each kiss.

Today, Cora said “I love you” for the first time.  She isn’t saying it because she understands it…just because she’s repeating it after hearing us say it & her sisters say it on skype…but it’s still one of the sweetest sounds this mama can hear.


One thought on “Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 7

  1. I was wondering how you were dealing with that reality. I know it must be so incredibly hard. It won’t be long, though! Just like the rest of this process, you’ll be able to look back and say, “That was so hard, but now it’s all the way it’s supposed to be!”

    I’ll give your kiddos some love when I come the first week of November. You’ll be back again to bring them home in no time at all! Lots of hugs!!!

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