Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 9

I’m still not feeling well, and because of such have spent nearly the entire day in bed.  Although I enjoy snuggling my little African prince & princess, I am acutely aware of the fact that our hours together in this trip are quickly drawing to a close and the memories we’re building with them need to last until we return…so I’d much rather be experiencing their culture or in the pool having fun.

Thankfully, Cora & Liam LOVE to snuggle close!  When they got fidgety we broke out the coloring books & crayons, which kept them entertained for quite a long time.  Daddy and Cora went for a walk at one point, returning with juice boxes and plantain chips.  Boy did that go over well!  I thought the plantain chips were pretty good…the kids LOVED them!  They must be a special treat here.

We had the opportunity to skype with Ivy & Mya this afternoon…which is always such a blessing.  I love and miss those girls SOOOOOOO much!  I know Mya’s having a particularly hard time with us being away…so the opportunity for her to see us and talk to us is the glue that’s holding her together in these latter days apart from us.  Ivy seems to be doing fine.  She loves the extended time with Grandma & Papa and has made it clear that, although she misses us, she will gladly stay at Grandma’s house beyond our return on Saturday.

The best part of our day was when our POA called, unexpectedly, to tell us he has our kids’ passports in his hands!  YAY!  It’s only a baby step, but it is a necessary one.  We can’t have a visa interview without the kids’ passports, so it’s comforting to me to know that there is one less thing that could delay us from bringing these precious little loves home.  P also informed me that he will take the kids for their visa medicals next week, so that they are done & ready for the interview, whenever that is granted.

Please continue to hold our family in prayer as we near the hardest day we will have to encounter on this journey…the day our children are returned to an orphanage while we fly home without them…Friday.  Please also pray that the US Embassy will approve our I-600 VERY quickly so that we may get the kids’ visas processed in time to bring them home for Christmas!  Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.  Good night from Ghana…




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