Ghana ~ Trip 1, Day 10

We started this beautifully hot, sunny day with breakfast on the hotel patio…ravens circled in the distance, the pungent aroma of wood burning next door, goats meandering down the street.  Ok, well, with the wall surrounding the hotel we couldn’t actually SEE the goats, but trust me…they were there!  They’re ALWAYS there.

After breakfast we walked up the street to a little vendor selling hand-woven baskets.  Oh how I love African baskets!  Each of the kids wanted tiny ones to carry like satchels, and after some bargaining on price, I was perfectly happy to get them each that little gift (which will go home with us for their bedrooms).  We got a few other little gifts there and brought everything back to the hotel before grabbing a taxi and heading to the Accra Mall.

Though we’ve stopped at the mall on two other occasions, we had not previously taken the time to actually shop.  I found today to be utterly disappointing in that regard.  There were only a few shops with merchandise I was interested in and they were INSANELY overpriced.  Beyond that, half the stores in the mall were closed!  The highlight of our trip was ordering pizza and watching the kids try that for the first time!  We ordered what was called the “Four Seasons” pizza…each 1/4 of the pizza (2 slices) had different toppings.  Liam really liked the green peppers & onions slices (after he pulled the cheese off…he does NOT like cheese) and Cora ate slices with meat toppings…but she picked at them & mostly ate crust.

All in all I think pizza was a welcome change of pace from their daily chicken & fried rice diet (which they still had for dinner).  We found a taxi outside the mall and took the LONG drive back to the hotel.  Traffic was a mess today.  I don’t know how long the commute actually took, but it felt close to two hours.  Not fun with tired children!

It was close to 3pm when we finally reached the hotel, and too late for naps, so we skyped with the girls back home, then changed into swimsuits and enjoyed some family time in the pool.  Cora can not get enough of the water now that she’s overcome her fear.  I’m actually nervous that she’ll try to jump in without floaties one of these times.  EEEEK.  We eventually got the kids out of the pool and back up to our room…where energy abounded and was difficult to wrangle in.  Enter Veggie Tales!  Oh how these kids love Veggie Tales!  Liam seems to enjoy the characters, while Cora just loves to sing along with any songs that she hears.

That brought us close to dinner time, so Sam & Liam walked over to Home Touch for the kids’ dinner (carry out) while I re-polished Cora’s nails.  She loves that her fingers & toes look pretty in pink.  After dinner we snuggled together watching UP for our last night together until … whenever we’re allowed to come get them for keeps!  Cora fell asleep on my chest.  She’d still be there if Ivy didn’t skype us, but since I’m up I figured I might as well get this post finished, so I can snuggle back into bed with the kids for this, our last night together.  ((tears))

Tomorrow might possibly be the most difficult day of my life.  I heard it once compared to a child just born, who has to remain in the hospital long after the mother is released to go home…but that is not the case.  That mother could visit her child in the hospital every day if she chose…I can not.  I do not know when I might see these little pieces of my heart again.  I know God has His hand on all of this.  I do.  I know that He will hold my children in His hands, even when I can’t hold them in mine.  I know that His timing is PERFECT.  The day they are finally home…will be PERFECT.  Having faith in these things provides hope, but it doesn’t mean it’s not painful.

Tears have been and will continue to be shed.  But I hold strong in trust that God is in control.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.  ~Ecclesiastes 3:10


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