Washed Away

Just days after saying goodbye to their new Mommy & Daddy and returning to the orphanage they’ve called home for far too long, Liam & Cora’s lives have been rocked once again.  Last night, at approximately 2:00 AM, all the children were evacuated from their orphanage due to severe flooding.

Reports indicate that all the children are safely on higher ground, but they are displaced.  The loss suffered by the orphanage is great.  There is extensive damage.  Sitting water remains and poses major health concerns due to the prevalence of malaria-carrying mosquitoes in that region of the world.

Thankfully there are already people at work in Kasoa trying to clean-up the orphanage and better assess the damage to the classrooms & dormitories.  If you would like to assist in recovery efforts, tax-deductible donations can be made to Compassionate Journeys by clicking the link HERE and selecting “Christ Outreach Orphanage” from the drop down menu.  The founder/director of this wonderful organization will be in Ghana beginning next week and will be personally assisting in the clean-up & repairs.

Please keep all those affected by this crisis in your prayers.  Thank you.


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