Flood Update

I am so sorry that I haven’t posted any updates on the crisis at our children’s orphanage.  Honestly, this week has been such a whirlwind that I’m not sure I had the ability to articulately write before now.

RECAP: On Wednesday, October 26 at approximately 2:00 AM, Christ Outreach Orphanage in Kasoa, Ghana, experience severe flash flooding that destroyed most everything the orphanage owned.  The buildings are secure, though there is obvious cosmetic damage to walls and such.  All the food, clothing, shoes, games, school supplies, and more were completely lost.  Some of the top bunks in the dormitories and a few of the school desks were able to be salvaged…but that’s it.  By the Grace of God, all the children were safely evacuated…but they have been displaced.

UPDATE: By the amazing works of our Heavenly Father, our friend Eric happened to be staying in Ghana this past week to visit his son & daughter (you can read their story HERE).  His initial plans were not able to be carried out, and he was “stuck” in Accra for the duration of his trip.  Because of this, when the flooding occurred, Eric was able to be the hands and feet of Jesus…and not just to our children, but to all the children at the orphanage!  We sent money to Eric & he matched it.  Honestly, it wasn’t a lot of money at all, but God does AMAZING, AWESOME things when you give in His name!  Eric was able to take this money and follow where God led him.  He hired a taxi to take him to Kasoa (normally about an hour drive took over 4 hours because of flood damage & traffic).  The events, as they unfolded, are nothing short of a miracle.

At a gas station, Eric met a man who was willing to sell him mattresses for the orphanage at an unheard of discount.  Essentially he was able to get TEN brand new mattresses for the orphanage children to sleep on for the equivalent of about $160!!!

After that he continued on to purchase 100kg of rice for the children to eat (about a 2 week supply) at nearly 1/2 the regular price.

With what little money he had remaining, Eric asked his taxi driver if he had enough to get clean drinking water for the children, since their well was contaminated by raw sewage in the flood.  The driver must have laughed, because that little bit of money was enough to order a TRUCKLOAD of water for the orphanage!!!!!!!!  It couldn’t be delivered until the next day, so there are no photos, but it was a 2-3 MONTH supply of clean drinking water!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!!

A classic story of Loaves & Fishes.  God is SO good!!!

There is still so much that is needed.  The children have only the clothes they were sleeping in when the flood swept through.  None of them have shoes.  The rice supply Eric was able to take will only last a few more days…they need food!  There are some mattresses for the children to sleep on now, but not enough.  The school at the orphanage lost all their supplies.  The need is great.  Our God is greater!  Please, pray for provision for these beautiful children.  Pray that they will remain safe & nourished a midst this crisis.  Pray over whether you are being called to “care for widows and orphans in their distress” (James 1:27) with a financial contribution.  If so, instructions are HERE for tax-deductible giving to benefit the children of Christ Outreach Orphanage in Ghana.


One thought on “Flood Update

  1. I see that you’ve applied for expidited processing. I’ll pray for this to happen for your family and others who are so nearly there in terms of bringing their children home. Until then, I’ll continue to pray that needs are miraculously met beyond what we can even imagine and that all the glory goes to the Lord!

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