Post-Flood Adoption Update

Although we were originally told that our children were among the 15 sleeping on the hard concrete floors of the orphanage post-flood, when our friend Eric visited the orphanage we learned that was not the case.  Liam & Cora were staying with a family in the village.  We had no information about the family, only that they were nearby and after a quick phone call, they children were in Eric’s presence at Christ Outreach.  From the photos I’ve seen, the first thing that jumped out at me is Cora’s outfit.  It’s the same one she had been wearing when we first met her.  We had seen photos of her in that same attire before we traveled too.  The next thing I noticed was Liam’s shirt.  It was obviously brand new, probably purchased so he didn’t greet Eric without clothes on.  It was a simple undershirt-type white tee, but the crisp white color made it clear that it had never been worn by a 6 year old boy in Ghana before!

The children were reportedly excited to learn that this man they were meeting for the first time knows their Mommy & Daddy and that he came with the message that we love them and will be back for them as soon as possible.  I can not tell you how much it means to me to know that our children were given those words of encouragement in that tragic time for them!  THANK YOU ERIC!!!!

Yesterday brought news that our children are, in fact, staying with not just some random family in the village surrounding their orphanage, but they are staying with their birth mom!!!  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  On one hand, they are with a woman whom we know loves & cares for them very dearly.  On the other hand, we aren’t sure how this will effect Liam & Cora.  They have been living at the orphanage for over a year.  To go back to their first mother now, in the midst of our adoption, could have potentially traumatizing ramifications on these delicate little souls.  We also don’t know if their mother has any means by which to support them while they’re in her care (as that was a primary reason for her relinquishing them in the first place).

Today we contacted the USCIS to file a request to expedite our processing due to our children’s displacement from the flood.  It is at the discretion of the officials in Accra to determine whether or not our case gets expedited, but we’re hopeful that they will see the urgency in getting these children into a home with food, clothing & shelter.

Thank you for following our journey.  Please continue to pray that Liam & Cora will be home, safe, VERY soon!!


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