Day 42

Exactly 6 weeks ago today, Sam & I filed a form called an I-600 at the US Embassy in Ghana.  This filing initiates what’s called an “orphan investigation” where USCIS goes over all the documents filed & researches your adoption to insure that there was no child-trafficking or other illegal activities leading to the adoption.  I-600 approval must be obtained before the visa process can begin to bring the children into the States.

I have’t been able to muster up the strength to update this blog much during these last 6 weeks.  I have been an emotional mess most days.  Many adoptive-mommy friends of mine have been in the trenches alongside me, waiting for their approvals as well.  USCIS claims there’s a “maximum of 60 days” to receive approval, yet at least 2 families I know went well beyond that mark before receiving approval.  It’s been discouraging to say the least.  But this morning, as I prepare a day of lessons on giving thanks for our homeschool time today, my phone starts blinking that I have an email.  I grab it thinking I can just stop the notifications of all the black Friday emails I keep getting (because the flashing red light annoys me), yet when I open my email…there it is!  USCIS APPROVAL!!!!!!!  We have to wait 2 business day (which takes us to next week because of the holiday) before contacting the US Consulate in Accra to begin the visa process (which can still take over a month), but we’ve cleared this hurdle!  PRAISE GOD!!!!!

There are several more steps to take, but they lead to bringing our son & daughter home FOREVER and I am just so filled with thanks and praise that we’ve made it this far!  Our children WILL be coming home sometime soon…THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Wishing you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  I know ours will be!


You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.  ~Psalm 77:14



2 thoughts on “Day 42

  1. I talked to Cara earlier so I knew what was going on.. I am thrilled beyond belief. I think its time to start planning the welcome to Buffalo party for the kiddos for after you guys settle in as a family!!

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