Our Christmas Miracle

There’s really no other way to explain today.  The way the last 2 months have unfolded are nothing short of divinity in action.

Since February, we (along with MANY friends and family members) have been praying diligently for God to light our path, and for Him to bring our children (whomever they were) home to us for Christmas.  We didn’t even know at that point WHO our children were, but we felt compelled to pray for them to be home by Christmas.  I dove into scripture and asked my Bible study and closest friends to pray with me that our son(s) and/or daughter(s) would be made known to us and home with our family to celebrate the Christmas holiday.  I really didn’t know if it was even possible, since we hadn’t even been matched with our children yet, but God laid it on my heart and I poured my life into it.

It has not been an easy path, but having all four of my children under one roof this Christmas Eve makes every tear, every struggle, every sacrifice worth it!  Liam and Cora are no longer orphans.  God fulfilled His promise to them…by fulfilling the dream he laid in my heart when I was just a child.  There is no logical reason for our son & daughter to be in my livingroom right now.  Families that passed court in Ghana before us and others who filed their immigration paperwork the same time as us are all still awaiting USICS approval.  One family who had been matched with their children before us is still awaiting court!  Things in Ghana adoptions are not smooth.  There have been many personnel changes in important offices impacting this process.  The ONLY reason our children are all home right now is because we are faithful to the God of miracles and he has answered our prayers in a BIG way.

For the rest of our lives, Christmas Eve will have a dual significance in our lives…the remembrance of the birth of our Savior and the day we were united as a FOREVER FAMILY.



3 thoughts on “Our Christmas Miracle

    • So glad you are here, I have so much to teach you about your mommy and daddy. If you hear any mention of a bagel around this time of year just turn and walk away quietly.

  1. what a Christmas miracle! that picture is so completely awesome. looking at your timeline, it’s amazing to see where your adoption journey has taken you. can you believe that we both started with rwanda in march 2010 and now are home with children from different countries this christmas? our God is one BIG god! so over the moon happy for His unfailing love and mercy 🙂

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