Adoption Timeline

9/26/07 – Christy visited Noel Orphanage in Gisenyi, Rwanda, where her heart was broken for the children…especially a 2 year old girl named Maria. She began praying diligently for God to open Sam’s heart to international adoption.

12/09 – Sam’s heart opened to adoption! We committed to this process & began gathering as much information as possible…praying for God to light our path.

3/27/10 – Applied to AWAA, Rwanda Program

4/9/10 – Accepted into AWAA, Rwanda Program

4/20/10 – Contracts signed and mailed to AWAA

5/4/10 – Withdrew from AWAA (see blog posts for explanation)

5/18/10 – Contracts signed with Hillside Children’s Services to complete our Home Study

5/18/10 – 1st meeting with home study social worker

6/19/10-6/20/10 – Hague training

8/31/10 – Rwanda suspended all further international adoptions…NOW WHAT?!

2/4/11 – received info on several waiting children from Hopscotch Adoptions. 1st time we saw OUR children.

2/17/11 – Applied to Hopscotch Adoptions, Ghana Program

2/21/11 – Accepted into Hopscotch’s Ghana Program

3/11/11 – Home study home visit

3/22/11 – REFERRAL!!!!!! Formally matched with our beautiful 5 1/2 yr old boy & 3 yr old girl.

4/5/11 – Review of home study draft

4/13/11 – Hopscotch approved our home study…just waiting on Grandma’s criminal clearance for the final documents

5/3/11 – Received approved home study

5/5/11 – I-600A & supporting documents delivered to USCIS in Dallas

5/12/11 – Dossier delivered to Hopscotch in NC

5/17/11 – Received USCIS Biometrics appointment

5/26/11 – Dossier shipped to Ghana

5/30/11 – DTG!! Dossier arrived in Ghana

6/3/11 – USCIS Biometrics appointment

7/9/11 – Case assigned to USCIS agent

7/14/11 – Received Gram’s Biometrics appointment

7/25/11 – Gram’s Biometrics appointment

8/4/11 – USCIS Pre-Approval ( I-171H )

8/13/11 – Our son turns 6 years old

8/30/11 – Accra Social Welfare requests new medical report for our daughter before they’ll clear kids for court


10/11/11 – Meet our children for the very 1st time!

10/12/11 – File I-600 Petition at US Embassy in Accra

10/16/11 – Meet Liam & Cora’s first family

10/21/11 – Our children return to their orphanage until we get the “green light” to bring them home.

10/26/11 – Christ Outreach Orphanage succumbs to mass flooding. Children are safely evacuated, but all is lost.

11/1/11 – File Request for Expedited Processing with USCIS due to Extreme Emergent Situation.

11/23/11 – USCIS I-600 APPROVAL!

11/30/11 – POA picks up visa packet at US Embassy
11/30/11 – We request visa interview appointment

12/2/11 – Received email with visa interview appointment

12/5/11 – Visa interview – visas APPROVED

12/21/11 – Sam arrives in Ghana…children are brought to him…GOTCHA DAY!!!

12/23/11 – Visas printed and plane to America boarded

12/24/11 – HOME FOREVER – Christmas Eve 2011

1/16/12 – First post-placement social worker visit

2/2/12 – Filed re-adoption paperwork with county surrogate’s court

2/11/12 – Received NY Adoption Decree with kids’s names officially changed!!!

2/28/12 – FINAL post-placement social worker visit


2 thoughts on “Adoption Timeline

  1. Dear Christy and Sam,
    My name is Keri Altland and we were a Rwanda-waiting family. However, they recently closed our file (and seemingly all waiting files who have not yet been matched.) We are researching what to do next. I started looking into Ghana adoption and found your blog. I was wondering if you would consider private messaging me about your experience and about you agency. I have been reading about Hopscotch and have been impressed, but it’s always nice to connect with a family who actually used an agency’s services.

    My email is Thank you so much for your consideration!

  2. Hi Christy – My hubby and I are following God’s Call to adopt internationally, I would love to ask a few questions about the Ghana program…would you be willing to talk to me? My email is Thank you, Shane 🙂

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